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September 25, 2008 Research

I'm a big advocate of walking for exercise, stress release, mental stimulation, feeling invigorated and generally healing what ails you. I've talked and written extensively about how practicing a healthy and active lifestyle is key to health and happiness. Now, a major and large-scale 25-year study of 77,782 women by the Harvard School of Public Health shows that leading a healthy lifestyle, including keeping your waistline in check, exercising, avoiding smoking and eating healthy food do, in fact, keep you from dying prematurely. Essentially, doing what we've been designed to do instead of living an artificial life full of artificial ingredients, junk foods and remaining out of touch with the world of physical activity what causes chronic illnesses and early death. According to researchers, "Even modest lifestyle changes such as 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity (e.g., brisk walking) per day significantly reduced risk of premature death."

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Don't you love these types of studies? They spend all this time and energy just to prove something that really is pretty common sense. Hmmm...let's see eat fruits and veggies, not much sugar, exercise regularly, don't smoke, drink, drugs, and get plenty of sleep and voila you will live longer and be healthier. But wait it's not proven so let's do a study to prove it :)

But I do appreciate the extra info. And I love walking as well (especially in the mornings) good to know it really is good for me. Thanks!

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